Mutual sustainability

ISBN 9789000304080
AUTEUR Jean-Paul Boerekamps

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Organisaties blijvend duurzaam en succesvol maken. Verschoor enBoerekamps ontdekten dat het meest essentiële onderdeel in debedrijfsvoering vaak werd vergeten, namelijk de relaties. Een organisatiekan alleen duurzaam succesvol zijn als zij wederzijds goede relaties heeftmet al haar stakeholders. De hele kern, de essentie van een organisatie,profit of non-profit, is de relatie en de synergie die daaruit voortkomt.Deze visie noemen zij Mutual Sustainability.Mutual Sustainability garandeert het voortbestaan en de toegevoegde waarde van eenorganisatie door zich te richten op de relaties en hun wederzijdse afhankelijkheid. Het doorvoeren van mutual Sustainability in een organisatie leidt tot prachtige effecten. Organisaties zijn in staat tot(bestuurlijke) verandering en die verandering leidt tot duurzamewaardecreatie.

...ual Sustainability in een organisatie leidt tot prachtige effecten ... Mutual sustainability - Kees Verschoor;;Jean-Paul ... ... . THE TOP . SUSTAINABLE. MUTUAL FUNDS. Barron's. selected the 203 U.S. large-company, actively managed funds with the most sustainable portfolios, and ranked them by one-year returns. Of the 203, 37% or 76 funds beat the Stan-dard & Poor's 500 index's 18.6% return in the year ended Sept. 30. is hosted in Netherlands and is owned by K. K. Verschoor Beheer B.v.. was created ... Mutual sustainability van Kees Verschoor, Jean-Paul ... ... . K. Verschoor Beheer B.v.. was created on 2008-10-04. Website IP is Sustainable ratings for mutual funds can help you find these kinds of funds, but because most of these ratings are fairly new, many investors aren't sure how to use them effectively. As determined by Bloomberg, by January 2018, the number of US funds espousing virtuous and sustainable investing - including mutual funds and ETFs - was around 206.ETFs are still a small part ... The Morningstar Sustainability Rating is a reliable and objective way for investors to see how approximately 20,000 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are meeting environmental, social ... Mutual sustainability: sturen op relaties: Kees Verschoor, Jean-Paul Boerekamps: Libros en idiomas extranjeros 5 Large Cap ESG Mutual Funds Economic, Social, and Governance Responsible Large Cap Funds. Share Pin Email By. ... Mutual funds have long been known for their diversity and stability. ... Jensen Investment Management selects companies that meet their strict standards of quality and sustainability. At Teachers Mutual Bank you can do both. ... South Pole is a leading provider of global sustainability financing solutions and services. This means that The Bank is a carbon neutral bank, and all its members' accounts are with a carbon neutral bank. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability data for Liberty Mutual Group, Insurance Carriers and USA. Environment 52 Employees 68 Community 52 Governance 52. The Mutual Sustainability Project. 70 likes. The purpose of The Mutual Sustainability Project is to create economic infrastructure and be a source of cohesion to the environmental movement. Old Mutual Investment Group provides leading investment and saving solutions and is an authorised financial services provider Physical Address: Mutualpark, Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands, 7405, South Africa This site has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Liberty Mutual Insurance today announced long-time company leader Francis Hyatt as the organization's first Chief Sustainability Officer. Hyatt will further enhance the organization's ongoing focus on significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and lead the company's Office of Sustainability. The sustainability score in the previous year is significant on the flows, so higher-rated funds receive a larger volume of funds. In terms of risk, the level of sustainability is negatively related to the value at risk (VaR) of the fund, supporting that higher scored mutual funds offer better protection against extreme losses....